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It’s quite clear that one route change belies a lot of structural issues.

There was apparently some uproar from residents when bus 39 was amended to run through Punggol instead of forming a direct service to the northern new towns from Pasir Ris. …

Do too many things, and one can get too distracted.

I’m a bit skittish to post this because of all the less savoury media outlets potentially misinterpreting this post. But it probably has to be done at some point. …

Without essential workers, essential services cannot operate.

I have been pretty clear about my support, or lack of, for extensive bus service, in favour of the rail network. Granted, I did start out writing about trains, but things happened and I clearly write about other things today.

In any case…

Is 106 for 106 enough?

You would be forgiven for thinking the NSEWL is at saturation. Nope. No more developments other than what is announced. And that according to current service levels, 198 trains will be enough.

Well no, I don’t think so. Developments along the line, especially in Queenstown…

Flexible vehicle lengths give you more flexibility, but there are tradeoffs.

I was honestly quite surprised, back then, to find out that the JRL was going to use three- and four-car fixed sets. Fixed sets do have their advantages, let me be clear, but at the time I thought that…

There may yet be some possibilities for conservation of resources.

Some of you looking out the back of TEL trains on the recently open Stage 2 might notice this just outside Bright Hill station — a track that leads seemingly to a dead end.

Where do it go? (source: me)

According to the Thomson Line blog

To cut a long story short, schedules matter in a new normal.

As readers know, I live in Bukit Panjang. …

Now that we’ve seen it in practice, there are lessons to be learnt here.

The current public health situation forced the open house to go online. …

There’s an opportunity here to be taken. Why miss it?

Thanks to both LTA and the CRL Blog, we now know what Punggol station will look like with the CRL. …

The East Coast Plan is for you to stop taking the bus to town and start taking the train.

After all, the plan was always, since the 1980s, to allow people to walk to train stations. But how realistic is it in these parts? An attempt has been made, I…


Sometimes I am who I am, but sometimes I am not who I am not.

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